Writing Center Staff

Gabe Morrison
Gabe Morrison is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition and the Coordinator of Graduate Writing Support through the Writing Center at the University of Connecticut. His research focuses on multimodal communication and democratizing creative processes.

Kathleen Tonry
Kathleen Tonry is an Associate Professor of English and the Associate Director of the University Writing Center.

Psyche Ready
Psyche Z. Ready is a second-year student in the doctoral program in English at UConn, studying Rhetoric & Composition. Her interests are in Disability Studies and Academic Publishing.

Kyle Barron
Kyle L. Barron is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition and Assistant Director at the University of Connecticut Writing Center. His research interests include the rhetoric of science/environment/climate change, scientific/technical communication, interdisciplinary writing, and translingualism broadly.

Faculty Working Group

In May 2021, faculty from across disciplines reviewed research in the field of antiracist writing instruction and intensively discussed strategies for fostering high-impact practices for achieving equity across the curriculum.

Faculty Working Group Members
Jason Oliver Chang (Dir, AAASI and History)
Tom Deans (Dir, Writing Center and English)
Sandy Grande (Political Science, Native American and Indigenous Studies)
Glenn Mitoma (Dir, Dodd Human Rights Impact; NEAG)
Natalie Munro (Head, Anthropology)
Mark Overmeyer-Velazquez (Dir, Hartford Campus; History, El Instituto)
Jonelle Reynolds (Dir of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives, Office for Diversity and Inclusion)
Margaret Rubega (Chair, Senate Diversity Cmte; EEB)
Shawn Salvant (Associate Dir, Africana Studies; English)
Stephany Santos (Associate Dir, Engineering Diversity and Outreach Center)